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  • 80% of Americans suffer from back pain.
  • 1/2 of American Workers will have at least one episode of back pain.

  • Back Pain is the most common cause of disability world wide.

  • Americans spend more than 50 Billion Dollars on treatment for Back Pain each year.

  • Although Back Pain can be caused by serious conditions like: Arthritis, infection, fractures, or cancer, most episodes are caused by mechanical muscular problems.


What are the three most important steps an individual can take to decrease their chances of having Back Pain?

           1). Decrease the time you sit.  

                      Click here to find out why excessive sitting is bad for you.  

                      Click here to find out ways to decrease your sitting at work.

            2). Improve your sitting and standing posture.  

                      Click here for “Five Tips for a Healthy Spine”

            3). Strengthen your back, which is the most important!


How can you easily and efficiently strengthen your Back?

One way is to regularly perform a simple exercise developed by Dr. Eric Goodman, a Chiropractor.  Click here to see a YouTube video demonstration of the basic back exercise, The Founder.

If you are more interested you should check out Dr. Eric Goodman’s Book, FOUNDATION.

If you would like personal training in the technique then you can check out the link here to Yellowstone Naturapathic Clinic which offers classes in the technique.


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