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How do I stick with my new year’s resolutions?

New year and a new me! Many people like to take an opportunity to set new year’s resolutions with the start of a new year. Everyone wants to lose weight, increase activity, productivity, improve relationships and improve motivation all at the same time. Gym memberships skyrocket as the new year hits and the common knowledge is that most people will not succeed. As many as 80% of people who sign up with the new year QUIT by the 5 month mark. So how does one achieve his or her new year resolutions? This answer will be geared more toward fitness resolutions but can be applied to any goal! There are many different ways to make new year’s resolutions more attainable but this answer will be brief and applicable.

Break down new year resolutions into goals. A resolution is a firm decision to do or not do something. One problem with many resolutioners is the hard time people have adhering to the new set goal. Whether the resolution is difficult or simply hard to manage, many people are quick to give up his or her resolution once he or she starts failing. Reframing the mindset into a goal makes people approach this new year differently. With a goal, one can work towards new destination and make his or her life more manageable to attain this. A resolution may be easy to drop but a goal can be worked towards and attained rather than having strict guidelines that a resolution may present.

Set realistic goals. Now this may be obvious for some but many people paint a broad brush over his or goal setting putting up borderline outrageous goals. Losing 50-75 pounds may be achievable, but is highly unrealistic. One may start by setting a lowering the goal or setting a new goal altogether. While this goal may sound nice, any person has to be reasonable with their goals.

Break down your goals into smaller tasks. This concept is directly linked to setting the more realistic goals. While it may be possible to lose 50 pounds in a year, this is a highly difficult task with a distant finish line. Breaking this down, this fat loss would equate to 4.167 pounds lost per month. First, maybe setting a more realistic goal of 3-4 pounds of weight loss per month would be a little more achievable and more easy to quantify. While to overall finish line may be to lose 40-50 pounds, completing a bunch of little tasks along the way may increase motivation while simultaneously making the overall weight loss more likely to finish through. This way one does not get discouraged when losing 20 pounds and goes back to his or her old ways instead of seeing the great accomplishment is successfully losing 20 pounds and continuing onto the final goal.

Be specific. Breaking down your goals into a more specific goal is going to translate into a much higher chance of being achievable. Being more specific give each person a chance to think more in depth on how to achieve these goals. Rather than just “going to the gym more” set a goal to “I will exercise 4-5 days in a week.” One can go more in depth even, planning out and prioritizing what time and what days this will be achieved. Thinking more in depth on a goal is going to make each person visualize each goal. Visualization can also be a huge determinant in whether or not one will achieve a goal and breaking everything down into a more specific goal can be the final step into bringing New Year’s Resolutions to full fruition.

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