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Do I need to take supplements to achieve my fitness goals?

Unless advised by a registered dietician or personal doctor, supplements do not need to be taken. Many fitness journals, such as Muscle and Fitness or Men’s Health, are littered with supplement advertising. This ruins the image of what exactly a healthy and fit person is. A healthy individu

Does a diet matter if I work out a lot?

There is a common saying that goes, “you can’t outwork a bad diet.” While some people may be able to physically put themselves in a caloric deficit (although this may be extremely difficult), there is a more serious underlying message. The real qu

How do I stick with my new year’s resolutions?

New year and a new me! Many people like to take an opportunity to set new year’s resolutions with the start of a new year. Everyone wants to lose weight, increase activity, productivity, improve relationships and improve motivation all at the same time. Gym m

I am too embarrassed to go to the gym. What should I do?

There are a few different ways to tackle embarrassment at the gym. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to drop the ego at the door and just simply get a workout in with all of the distractions and gym members. This can be even more difficult if insecurities are aff

I eat healthy but continue to gain weight. What should I be eating?

Realizing the importance of health and wanting to make the change to better your health and wellness is the first step. That is great that you eat healthily and weight gain is a common problem, especially in aging individuals. Weight gain is multifactorial and must be looked from multiple aspects

I want to be healthy and would like to work out but find it hard to make time for exercise. What should I do?

This is wonderful that you want to take the initiative to beginning an exercise routine. Everyone reaches a point where he or she feels like they need to be healthier. Being “healthy” should be seen as a lifestyle choice and should not as a chore. Coming to the realization that you ma

I want to exercise, but have a physical limitation. Where do I start?

First and foremost, it is quite amazing of you to take the initiative to start an exercise program in light of your circumstances! It is rather common to steer clear from exercise, even when able bodied, and the fact that you are willing to continue on the path to

I want to work out but only work out sporadically and have troubles with my motivation. How do I stay motivated?

Motivation is often times the hardest aspect of fitness. There is a reason that so many people start working out as a new year’s resolution and three weeks into the year all fitness plans and goals have been lost. Working out sporadically shows that you know the importance of working out, b

What if I cannot afford to exercise?

When faced with the question of having the financial stability to work out, you must first ask yourself some important questions. How much does it cost to exercise? What is the fee of a gym membership versus other gyms in the area? How much time am I going to spend

Why is fat bad for you?

High intake of fat is generally advised against for those with a family or medical history of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. When researching this topic online or in peer-reviewed journals,  this topic will generate many different points of view and sourc

Why is salt bad for you?

Salt has the potential to make your body hold on to water. If too much salt is ingested, this can lead to the body storing excess amounts of water. The main reason that people are often  advised against high sodium intake is when there is a family history of h

Will lifting weights make me bulky?

Simply put, lifting weights will not make someone bulky. There are many components involved with gaining muscle mass for bulk and weight gain, and this process is often very detailed and calculated. A “bulky” shape will not come from participating in a