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A Simple Way to Break the Smoking Habit

    Dr. Brewer is a psychiatrist who gives an excellent review of how mindfulness can be used to break a bad habit. He explains the basic structure of human habits. The basic structure of a habit is a trigger, followed by


Acceptance is a vital part of personal change. At first look, this may seem inconsistent. After all, if you accept the way things are you might not have the motivation to change. However, if you cannot recognize the way things truly are, then you may not even know what ch

Addiction 101

Understanding addiction is a crucial step to learn why changing our habits is difficult. Once we understand addiction, we can change o

An Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

An Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness     Who am I?  Ed Dean retired cardiologist and now President of iChange Billings a public charity dedicated to proving people with relevant information to help them change their lifestyle to a healthier one. A short c

Awareness: The First Step in Habit Making or Changing

          Being aware

Be the Supportive Spouse/Significant Other/Friend that You Would Want

  Having close supportive personal relationships is a proven health benefit. People with close supportive personal relationships live longer and have f

Becoming an Observer

According to the dictionary, an observer is one who regards with attention especially as to see or learn something. Observation requires a state of not doing. It is when we're not doing something that we can focus our attention to see or learn. Thinking is a kind of menta

Being Successful after a Failed Attempt

Rarely are people successful on their first attempt. Therefore, anyone who experiences success has failed at least a few times before they are successful. If we look at the process that occurs between the failed attempt and th

Boiling Frogs

  When we attempt to change a behavior there are two basic approaches. The first would be to go “COLD TURKEY”

Dan’s Story: Why Wear a Helmet?

There is a distinct rhythm to life.  It can vary.  At times it is slow, steady, and even predictable.  At other times it is fast, irregular, and even chaotic.


Focused Awareness Training #1 Breathing Exercise #1:  Breathing   Preparation Find a quiet place where you can be undisturbed fo


Focused Awareness Training #2 Sitting Exercise #2:   Sitting   Preparation Find a quiet place where you will


  Focused Awareness Training #3 Standing Exercise #3:   Standing   Preparation Find a


ocused Awareness Training #4 Eating Exercise #4:   Eating   Preparation Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for at least 10 to 15 minutes.  Sit with


Focused Awareness Training #5 Relaxing Exercise #5:   Relaxing   Preparation Find a quiet place where you will be undisturbed

How Can I Tell If I Am Addicted to Prescription Pain Medications?

According to the Center for Disease Control, addiction to prescription pain medications has become the most common addiction. How can you tell if you become addicted to pain medications?  There are number of i

How Can You Use Mindfulness to Deal with Chronic Pain?

Mindful meditation is a technique taught in the mindfulness-based stress reduction course first developed by Jon Kabit

How Do I Know I Need Professional Help for Depression?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, "Do I need professional help for depression?", then the answer is yes. Most depressed people, however, never ask themselves this question or they ask this question late in their depression. Therefore, what are the earlier signs

How Does Depression Make You Unhealthy?

Depression is an emotional state characterized by poor mood and low energy. There are many forms of depression and depression is common in our society. Sometimes the depression seems to be situational, meaning it’s in response to some negativ

How to Create a New Habit of Wearing Your Seat belt 100% of the Time.

The first step in changing any habit is to know what you’re changing.  Therefore, you have to ask yourself what is my present habit about wearing my seatbelt? This may be that you never wear your seatbelt, or you only wear your seatbelt