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Read and address each of the following 14 suggested activities.

  1. Become a user by logging on and register(it is free).
  2. Bookmark the site and check back often (Daily)
  3. Take the Health Risk Assessment
  4. Read the responses to your assessment.
  5. Consider what changes you could make in your lifestyle.
  6. Check back to the site and explore the information to help you make those changes.
  7. Consider the Challenges to see if any might inspire you.
  8. Examine whether any of the Events, Lectures or Workshops would be helpful.
  9. Keep checking back to see what is new and find something when you are ready to change.
  10. Tell your friends and use the social media tools to spread the word.
  11. Tell your healthcare providers about this resource.
  12. Visit the coalition members businesses and support them.
  13. Believe you can get healthier by changing your habits and we will help.
  14. Consider a direct Charitable Donation.


iChange Commercial from Darin Stricker on Vimeo.

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