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Make One Small Change to Improve Your Sleep

Read the following Articles:

  1. "Sleep Hygiene"
  2. "Sleep Hygiene Phase Two"
  3. "Sleep and Your Health"
  4. "Do I Have Obstructive Sleep Apnea?"


Improve your Sleep Hygiene by choosing one of the following ways to make a small change in your sleep-related habits over the next month.


Change Your Sleeping Environment

    1. Close the bedroom shades or blinds altogether.
    2. Remove the ambient LED lights in the bedroom (clock).
    3. Remove TV from the bedroom.
    4. Stop using your cell phone, tablets, laptop computer in bed.
    5. Stop reading in bed.
    1. Decrease the ambient noise in the house before going to bed.
    2. Shut the bedroom door.
    3. Arrange for the pet to sleep elsewhere.
    4. Turn off your cell phone or put in emergency only mode.
    1. Turn down the thermostat. (Start one degree at a time.)
    2. Use fewer or lighter blankets.
    3. Use less or lighter pajamas.

To further help you meet this challenge you may wish to read, "Start Small," or "Boiling Frogs" for tips on how to make personal changes.

After you have been successful making one change choose another.

Accept Challenge

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