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Track Your Diet

Over the course of the next week, track everything you eat from that packet of sugar you put in your coffee, to that fillet mignon and baked potato with butter you had for dinner. The benefits of food logging range from being able to count calories to getting an overall view of your dietary habits. Many times, we don’t really understand how much, or what we are eating until we see it all laid out in front of us. 

There are multiple options for food logging.  Below you will find a link to download a printed copy of a diet diary to write down what you are eating.  Other options include downloading one of several apps for your phone such as myfitnesspal or fitbit.  Usually these apps have databases of preloaded foods that make tracking as easy as a click of a button. These databases include information about each entry and can provide the added benefit of tracking calories and specific nutrient content: such as saturated fat, and sodium.

Try this practice for at least one week.  Evaluate your diet over the course of the week and see where you can make even one simple change to improve your health.

Diet Diary

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