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Track Your Exercise

Tracking your exercise is a great practice to get into the habit of.  Monitoring your cardiovascular and strength training allows you to view your progress first hand and help you set and meet realistic goals. Seeing tangible progress is very motivating.

 Below you will find a link to a printed exercise and diet log that you can use to write down your exercise.  Also, there are several apps that can help.  One is myfitnesspal which allows you to monitor many aspects of your health including exercise and diet.  Another option is to get a Fitbit or Garmin device and download the app that accompanies them. 

Try logging your workouts for one month. Choose a simple workout to do at the beginning of the month as a baseline, then repeat it at the end. You will be able to see your progress: maybe you were able to do more pushups, lift more weight, or improve your mile run time.


Exercise Log

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