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Eat Challenges

Anti-Snack Attack

The Anti-Snack attack Challenge   For one week whenever you feel like eating between means (Snacking)   Do the following: Consider why you want to eat?  Is it because you really need food or is it because

Drink Water instead of Soda or Juice for a week.

For one week, instead of drinking soda, pop, energy drinks, sports drinks or juices drink plain water.  If you drink only water when you are thirsty, you will be providing your body what it needs and not the empty calories in the soda, energy drinks and juices.  Cut out all the diet dri

Eat The Recommended Amount of Vegetables Every Day For the Next 30 Days

How many vegetables do I need? Your age, sex, and level of physical activity all affect how many vegetables you need per day. Refer to the following table: DAILY VEGET

Mix Taste and Nutrition

Healthy smoothies are a quick, simple and tasty way to get your daily dose of many nutrients, such as fruit and veggies, anytime of the year.  However, you do have to be careful about what exactly is in your smoothie, because many can be loaded with too many calories and simple sugars. 

Read the Ingredient Label of Every Food You Buy at the Grocery Store

Over the next 30 days, every time you go to the grocery store read the ingredient label of all the food you plan on buying.  Take note of the types of foods you are planning on ingesting and think about the effect on your body.  Remember that whole, natural foods are the healt

Start the Day Hydrated

The Challenge is to drink 16 ounces of water every morning.  Overnight we all become dehydrated so starting the day with a moderate amount of pure water is what we need instead of getting the water indirectly through our food.

Take the 30-Day Sobriety Challenge

Take the 30-day challenge as described in the following article, "Take the 30-Day Sobriety Test". Let us know your comments as you go and especially when you are finished.

Track Your Diet

Over the course of the next week, track everything you eat from that packet of sugar you put in your coffee, to that fillet mignon and baked potato with butter you had for dinner. The benefits of food logging range from being able to count calories to getting an overall view of your dietary