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About iChange Billings

What is iChangeBillings?


iChangeBillings is a 501(3) c public charity whose mission is to improve the health of every person in the greater Billings Community.  It seeks to accomplish this mission by creating a community coalition to foster the development of locally available and relevant resources which will help individuals change to healthier lifestyles.

We pledge to develop those locally relevant resources in three ways:



Who is iChange Billings?


The Board of Directors:


Edward Dean

Founder/President of iChangeBillings

Retired Cardiologist


Carol Beam

President/CEO Rocky Mountain Health Network


Chris Dimock

Founder/CEO Elation


Darrell Ehrlick

Retired Accountant Anderson Zurmuehlen


Robert (Bob) Willmouth

President of Rocky Mountain College



How to Use the iChangeBillings Website.


After Exploring the Website We Suggest 3 Steps:


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