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Individual Change Health Coaching

Changing your lifestyle to be healthier is important and sometimes we all need help.


If you feel you need help, then the iChangeBillings Individual Change Health Coaching is an easy way to find the help you need.

We offer a home coaching program where individuals who need help addressing their lifestyle issues

  1. can be seen in their home,
  2. assessed using the iChange Billings online Health Risk Assessment,
  3. and have some simple initial measurements, (height, weight, percent body fat, 6-minute walk test, and grip strength),
  4. then receive life coaching services to identify lifestyle changes that would be desirable,
  5. develop SMART goals (goals which are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) and specific plans to accomplish those goals,  
  6. weekly follow up via text messaging to keep you on track and accountable to accomplish your personal goal,
  7. and we provide reassessment at 6 months to evaluate how you are doing on your goal and to see if you are healthier.

We suggest a small one-time donation of $100 to our public charity, iChangeBillings,  to cover the expense of providing this community service.


You can sign up by filling in the form below and then clicking on the link to make the $100 donation.

After you sign up we will contact you via email to set up an initial health coaching session.

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