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About iChange Billings

iChangeBillings is a 501(3)c public charity whose mission is to improve the health of every person in the greater Billings Community.  It seeks to accomplish this mission by creating a community coalition to foster the development of locally available and relevant resources which will help indiviuals change to healthier lifestyles.

We pledge to develope those locally revelant resources in three ways:




iChangeBillings Philosophy

A Word about Coalition Members

In order to have conceptual and financial suppport to develop and implement the resources we are building a coalition of businesses and people in Billings who share our philosophy and have organizations with skills and services which relate to a healthy lifestyle.  The Coalition Members therefore are Billings businesses and people who are providing some of the financial and conceptual support to iChangeBillings.


Benefits of Being a Coalition Member

  1. Educate and Inform the public about topics which are important to your organization through articles, video, workshops, lectures, wellness clinic, and a growing Health Library, which will be the premier resource for healthy living information.
  2. Get the word out about specific programs.
  3. Exposure for your business and events
  4. Cross promote with other coalition members.
  5. Networking opportunities within the Coalition and the Community.
  6. Facilitate referrals Grow your organization or business through solid referrals.


We ask a $1,000 Tax-Deductable Donation to support the mission.


If You Would Like More Information Sign Up Here.

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