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Health Library Updates

How Balanced Are You?

Having good balance is crucial. However, few people ever think about it or train to improve it.  No matter what your age losing your balance at critical times can have disastrous results.  Balance is the result of a whole body network that includes the vestibular portion of your brain,


  Jet lag disorder occurs when the circadian or “internal” clock becomes mismatched with the local time, prompted by travel across time zones.  The sleep-wake cycle of the individual does not match the light-dark periods of the local environment.  Symptom severi

Sleep Hygiene Phase Two

   In the last installment, an initial review about sleep hygiene habits was discussed.  Most of those poor sleep hygiene habits brought with them a stimulus to the bed resulting in delayed sleep initiation resulting in poor sleep quality.  Stimulating, arousal promoti

Sleep Hygiene

This installment regarding sleep and your health looks at sleep hygiene.  Sleep hygiene is a term to describe habits and practices that best encourage a better night of sleep.  It is rather amazing w

Sleep and Your Health

  Humans spend a considerable amount of time during their lives sleeping.  In the past, the average person spent a third of their life sleeping.  As times have changed and various demands on our sche

Do I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a sleep related breathing disorder where tissues of the upper airway relax and collapse causing airway obstruction during sleep.  If you think about a narrow, flexible or collapsible tube; when one forces air t